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Photodiode built in Amplifier AMPXX-YYPhotodiodes with built-in amplifier AMP24 and AMP36 consist of a photodiode (the diameter of sensitive area is from 0.5 mm to 2.0 mm), an amplifier, a single-stage thermoelectric cooler (TEC) and a thermistor for controlling temperature. Components are mounted in the standard 15.2 mm TO-8 package. AMP24 and AMP36 with multistage TEC can be manufactured on request.
The main advantages of AMP24 and AMP36 are small size and enhanced dynamic range. Fast response makes it possible to detect modulated radiation of laser diodes (LDs) and light-emitting diodes (LEDs). AMP allows the detection of an optical signal with bandwidth from 150 Hz to 350 kHz.
Main applications:
- Diode-Lasers spectroscopy;
- Laser rangefinding and location systems in the eye-safe spectral range;
- The free-space optical links;
- Communication systems based on fluoride fibers with loss of 10–2–10–3 dB/km;
- Environmental monitoring;
- Medicine;
- Remote non-contact temperature measurements;
- Detection of the burning or explosion products.

PDs 0.8 - 2.55 µm Sensitive Area Diameter (mm) Package Wavelength Range (µm) Detectivity (cm·Hz1/2·W-1)
Series Model

AMP24-05 (with PD24)

0.5 TO-8 0.8 - 2.4 (5 - 9)·1010

AMP24-10 (with PD24)


AMP24-20 (with PD24)


AMP36-05 (with PD36)

0.5 1.0 - 3.6 (3.8) (3 - 6)·109

AMP36-10 (with PD36)


AMP48-03-NS (with PD48)

0.3 2.5 - 4.9 (1 - 4)·109

AMP48-03-NS-TEC2 (with PD48)

AMP48-05-NS (with PD48)


AMP48-05-NS-TEC2 (with PD48)

AMP48-03-WS (with PD48)

0.3 1.0 - 4.8

AMP48-03-WS-TEC2 (with PD48)

AMP48-05-WS (with PD48)


AMP48-05-WS-TEC2 (with PD48)

AMPXX-YY (with PDXX-YY) – PD model with build-in amplifier AMP and thermocooler TEC
AMPXX-YY-TEC2 (with PDXX-YY) – PD model with build-in amplifier AMP and two-stage thermocooler TEC2