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PhotodiodesIBSG company in collaboration with the Laboratory of Infrared Optoelectronics of Ioffe Institute develops and manufactures IR photodetectors for the spectral range of 2-5 µm. These photodetectors can be applied for environmental monitoring, gas analysis, medicine, etc. The monitoring includes spectral analysis of the atmosphere in the wavelength range of 2-5 µm, in which there are many absorption lines of industrial gases and other harmful substances. In this spectral range there are absorption lines of water and its vapors, and such gases as ethylene, methane, acetone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, etc. Photodiodes manufactured by IBSG can be used for detection of CO2 (4.25 µm) and CO (4.7 µm) and applied for medical diagnostics, control of exhaled air. The unique combination of high speed, high Detectivity and room operating temperature allows the use of PDs and PD-based photoreceivers in the areas where analogs demonstrate worse parameters or do not meet the service conditions.
"LED-Photodiode" optopairs manufactured by IBSG make it possible to develop sensitive optical sensors for science, industry and housekeeping.

Light Emitting Diodes