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NEW Independent Test Results of IR detector PD36-03

NEW 18 November - 31 December, 2013. Christmas sale 10%

NEW April, 2013. New Catalog 2013

NEW PROMOTING ACTION: 15 April – 1 June, 2013 Free mini-driver (mD-1c or mD-1p) on orders of at least 20 pcs of LEDs. Free amplifier (AM-07M) on orders of at least 20 pcs of PDs with sensitive area more than 0.5 mm.

NEW April, 2013. New design for the IBSG website – www.ibsg-st-petersburg.com

NEW April, 2013. New contact E-mail address of IBSG company – sales@ibsg.ru

NEW March, 2013. Photodiodes with deep thermoelectrical cooling

NEW March, 2013. High-power LEDs for the spectral range of 0.7-1.74 μm read more...